Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pen To Paper

Go away with me
I go away all the time
In my mind at least
My body won't follow
At least I can get lost in my mind
Writing, expressing, exploring and such
Keeping a log, with each new page neatly creased

It's dark and it's solemn, it's lonely and cold
Pen put to paper, it's daring a bold
It's a secret, kind of, what goes on in my head
It's personal, not to be written or said
I can't keep in it, I need to express
Eject from my mind, all this crap in excess

The worry and fret, and fighting the fear
Anxiety and guilt, feeling tho I'm not even here
To write in rhyme to me is soothing
But so FUCKING cliche
Tho making it easier for me to vent
Fuck it, I don't care what you say

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